Monday, August 15, 2011

Colorado, UTMB, and 2012 Camps

My summer in Juneau has come to and end and I'm back in Colorado getting settled in here before leaving in a few days to head over to France for UTMB. I had an amazing summer running in Juneau, but didn't really feel physically very good for a lot of it. Everything has really begun to click in the past 10 days though and I have felt better in this time than I have for any 10 day stretch in several months. This has me more excited than ever for UTMB. Going to get in one last long run tomorrow and then head off to New York to visit my family for a few days and then on to France.

I've mentioned a few times how successful my running camps were this summer. They were without question two of the most satisfying weeks of my life. And now I have moved forward with 3 sessions planned for the summer of 2012. The entry forms for those camps are now available on the camp website so sign up soon if you want to guarantee a space for next summer. Based on the response I've gotten I suspect these camps will fill up pretty quickly again for 2012. I will update the "Latest News" section of the camp website as applications start to roll in, but if you want to be sure to have a space in the session of your choice please send your entry/deposit as soon as possible. Also be sure to fully read over the camp website before you sign up. Most things will be the same as 2011, but there are a few changes that have been updated on the camp website. The most notable of these is that the May 28th session will be specifically intended for the more advanced/performance oriented runner. Please fully read the website before choosing to sign up for this session. And feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions about this.


Local Mind Media said...

Great to hear about the success of the camps and that you've got a fire in your belly for utmb. Run strong!

Can't believe you're back here already; seems like you just took off for AK.

peeeete said...

Where in NY? Anywhere near bear mtn area?
Harrison NY

GZ said...

Curious if your approach in CO this year will be any different.

eric said...

Enjoy CNY... Haven't been back in a long time.

And you'll have loads of support and positivity willed your way from these parts while you're in France. Some amazing scenery in those parts.

Run well and enjoy!

Michelle said...

Missing you :( Sorry everything is happening at once for us and it all seems to be during this week. Thinking of you though and wishing you nothing short of an amazing time in Europe. Have fun with the fam! Love you!