Monday, October 13, 2014


Wow, I forgot how much I miss Fall here in Alaska. It's windy, it's wet, it's getting darker by the day, and there are many reasons to feel like this is the worst time of year to be in Juneau, but for some reason it's also striking me as a really amazing time right now. I guess it's because I have been getting out in the mountains almost every chance I get. Winter is most certainly right around the corner, but right now I just keep noticing how precious each and every day of this autumn has been. This week it's supposed to be nice and sunny almost every day. I wish I had the endurance/energy to go out for long hours each day, but I still look very forward to juggling things around and finding the best times for my body and my daily routine to sustainably be able to spend several hours out and about.

Also, if you missed the news, I am doing a winter session of my running camps this coming February. Super stoked about this. It's going to be really fun. All the info is here:

Another thing: here is a link to a lengthy interview I did a couple weeks ago which touches on my journey through illness for the past 26+ months:

And lastly, here are my favorite photos from my last few weeks of playing in the mountains: