Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Year Later

I've been ready to run UTMB again for a full year after last year's postponed race. This has pretty much been my focus race since the day after this race one year ago. Keeping my finger's crossed now that the weather cooperates enough to let this one go off without any stoppages. The forecast currently looks a lot like the weather last year!

My week here in Chamonix started out a bit sour. I arrived several hours late into Geneva on Monday and my luggage (with all my race gear) arrived 2.5 days late! Until late in the day yesterday I didn't know if I was even going to receive my stuff before the race. Certainly I'll be going into this one very fresh as I didn't have anything with me to be able to go out for any running. The only clothing I had were the clothes I wore on the flight. I'm probably a little bit over rested but I'll take that any day vs. being over trained.

For those following along online it should be a pretty good one to follow. When the race leaders pass through La Fouly (110k) they will be giving all of the top runners a small gps device that will show the leaders progress with less than a few minutes delay.

Nothing left for me now except to sleep, eat, and run in the mountains all night and most of the day Saturday. Doesn't get much better than that.


Thad Sweet said...

Go get em Geoff! Enjoy the experience brother! Cheering you on back in the States.

Andy said...

Good luck and have a great race!

Jim Bruening said...

Go Geoff!

slowrunner said...

run geoff run!!!!!

Mike Place said...

Everybody back in the US will be watching and cheering for you. Go get 'em, Geoff!

eric said...

Pretty darn exciting for us as fans, can't even imagine how excited you must feel.

Take it all in along the way... The journey is more important than the result.

In more ways than one, have a good time!

Eric said...

Enjoy it Geoff!

Does anyone know where we can go to follow these La Fouly chips when the time comes?