Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thinking Back

2009 has been a very dynamic year for me. My life feels like it has changed more than in any other year of the 32 previous years I have lived. My running has also changed more this year than ever before. There were a lot of stressful times for me this year. There were times when I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I felt this not only in my personal life but also in my running. In a year with so much running success it's been pretty crazy to have as much uncertainty, anxiety, and doubts as I have had. There has been a lot of up and a lot of down for me this year. Overall though the up has far outweighed the down and through it all I was able to run 6 shockingly successful races, perhaps the 6 best races I have ever run. Maybe my running was fueled by so much drama and stress. Or maybe when I find more stability in my life in 2010 (yeah, like that's actually going to happen) I'll have even a better year of racing.

At any rate, I thought it would be fun to do a poll of my best race of '09. I had 6 really good ones but I'm curious to see what readers of this blog think was my best. Check out the sidebar for the poll.


Anonymous said...

Geoff, This wasn't as easy as most people seem to think. I picked MM, not because I was there, but it was a break thru for you in 50 milers. It proved a lot to everyone and gave you the confidence for NF. They were all unbelievable and made us very proud.

Brett said...

"Best" is a subjective term. I too picked MM because it seemed to be spiritual in a way to you and an out of body experience...

Bryan said...

I'm partial to crow pass because i was there. It was a great run though and the tightest race next to NF. Crow Pass and NF were so similiar in how they played out for you so I'd say since you won CP, it takes 'best'. Although you did get 10 times the CP loot for 2nd at NF.

Matt Hart said...

wasatch 100. i was there. you broke an amazing course record. you beat karl meltzer on his own course. unreal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


garobbins said...

Never argue with Dad!
I saw the confidence MM gave you and you managed to carry that through to an incredible performance at TNF 50.
ALL OF THESE WERE INCREDIBLE EFFORTS, maybe I'm partial to MM cause you schooled me there!!


Unknown said...


It is impossible for me to pick any one of these great perfomances over another. I was about to pick Wasatch just because "everyone else is doing it".

How about I be real radical and say I am just picking them all. You will have to do better next year to somehow distinguish yourself in one of these races as heads above the rest!

Unknown said...

I personally think NF50 was your best performance because you and Uli were pushing/pulling one another to new heights. You were both under the CR Carpenter set the previous year. I can't speak for you but I would think you exerted more energy and laid it all on the line in Marin than any of the other races you did.

Congrats on a great year!

Kurt said...

Wasatch 100 and MM 50 where both big. If I had to guess both of these races did alot to show you in different ways what you have deep inside yourself as a runner. Congrat's on a great year and looking foward to watching you in 2010.

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Anonymous said...

humble? thanks mom. ok everybody, lets talk about my best races.

Anonymous said...

I’m one of the 3% to date who voted HURT your top performance. The speed, toughness, and a CR at HURT continued through the year. Really an amazing year in the sport!


Anonymous said...

has to be Wasatch... and if i'm not mistaken its strongly in the running or the ultra race of the year!

Unknown said...

I agree with December 19 Anonymous...a lot of high yields

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Anonymous said...


Dave said...

Wasatch - you beat karl on his home course. Excellent year - glad you've found a passion. In addition, I appreciate your openness in your learnings in running - I read your blog and think about what you've said. The joy of running post hit home with me.

Hone said...

I say Crow Pass. I would take that record over any of the other races for sure. The talent that has run that race over the years has been ridiculous and if people like Harlow and Strabel (and many others) were to get into mountain ultras, Alaskan runners would be the most feared in the nation.

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