Monday, July 27, 2009

Wasatch Anticipation

I'm fully recovered from Crow Pass and tomorrow the weather is turning to sun for what is supposed to be another 7+ day stretch of dry, calm weather, perfect for getting up on the mountain ridges. When the weather is nice the trails here are perfect for training for the Wasatch 100. The only flaw is that I start all my runs at sea level and top out at about 5,000 feet. Because of this I will be heading to Utah about 2 weeks before Wasatch to adjust to the heat and elevation. I expect to show up on race morning in the best shape of my life. It's possible that won't even be enough to win this one but I'm excited to find out. If the weather is decent in Utah on September 11th I suspect it might take a course record to come out victorious. I know I can go 20 minutes faster than I did last year, and I suspect at least a couple others in the race might be able to as well. For now though I'm just excited for all the fun training runs I get to do in the next several weeks.


AJW said...


Your time from Brighton to the Finish showed what you can do. Karl will be killer fit and Hal will be ready to roll as well. I tend to agree that it could take sub-19:20 to win and I think you should be able to do that. Especially on fresh legs. I'll be there watching as my season ends at Leadville but I'm pacing a buddy to a Cheetah (we hope). Train well and I'll see you in Sept!


Matt Hart said...

you'll do awesome geoff, but it's gonna be a brawl! i'm stoked i'll be there to watch.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy a great run. You're up for a big effort, so make it happen!

The Flagstads said...

Will we see you at Mat Peak? I hope I get to race you before you head to Utah
- any way good luck with your training and your race

Trond F

Betsy Fischer said...

I've been meaning to let you know that I have been following your training log this summer off and on and have been amazed by the awesome ridge runs you have done. I started back doing ridge hikes (not runs!) last summer after many years of focusing on biking and you have been a real inspiration to me, reminding me of hikes I haven't tackled in a long time. I've been checking them off, one by one, and getting fresh ideas every time I come back to your blog. As a cancer survivor since 2007, I can't think of a better way to enjoy life and our beautiful mountain paradise that is right outside our back doors.

Thank you for the inspiration! Best of luck at the Wasatch 100.
Betsy Fischer
Foggy Mountain Shop