Saturday, April 4, 2009

Race Fix

Ran a local 10k this morning. Would have liked to feel better than I did but I was very pleased with my time. I ran a 35:03 with pretty much a perfectly even split. My legs didn't feel very speedy at all but I was almost 2 minutes faster today than I was a year ago in the same race!

It was a fun morning. I talked my roommate and his girlfriend into heading out for the race. They both ran great and had a good time. In the past couple years I've gotten to know dozens of the runners here in Juneau and most all of them were out for the race today. I've talked about it a bit before but it's worth mention again just how impressed I am with the running community here in Juneau. For a town of only 30,000 people and no surrounding communities it amazes me how many avid and very talented runners there are. Per capita I doubt there are too many cities in the country with as many talented runners as Juneau.

I've gotten 3 weeks of really good training behind me now. I felt a bit sluggish all week this past week, but I was already planning a bit of a recovery week this coming week so hopefully if I cut back to about 80 miles for the next week I should be ready to amp back up for a really ambitious 7-10 days after that, and then ease back into a taper for The Miwok.

I think I have a great shot at top 3 at Miwok but I'm certainly not taking anything for granted. I am definitely in better shape than I was a year ago but come race day anything can happen. I'm going there very much hoping to qualify for Western States with a top 3 finish but I've also got some great racing options in my mind should I not do so. No matter how it plays out it's going to be a super fun spring/summer of racing for me. There are so many races out there I want to run. I just need to be careful not to try to run too many of them.


Hone said...

Smokin 10k! Congrats. I sure hope you get top three in Miwok so you do not run SD 100. I am sick of getting whooped by you in races and being known as that "other guy" from AK.

Just playing it will be cool regardless.

Did you win the 10k? I know there is a super fast shorter distance guy that lives down there so I was wondering if he showed up today.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting $ on a win for Geoff... if you know him you know that he's quick to tell if he finishes top 5, 4th, 3rd or even 2nd but if he doesn't mention his place it almost always means he wins!

Good run Geoff and smoking time indeed!!!


Anonymous said...

duh, of course he won it :)

you're my hero ge-off

Anonymous said...

Yup, Geoff won-

From the picture of Susan there, must have been a chilly day.

Montrail said...

Great work Geoff, and we love to hear that you're healthy, feeling good and running fast. We'll see you at Miwok!

Anonymous said...