Tuesday, December 2, 2008

San Francisco Showdown

I fly down to San Francisco tomorrow.

The race Saturday is shaping up to be the highest competition in any ultra all year (perhaps in several years).

A couple months ago when I decided to run this race it had a lot to do with the shot at the large purse. Now though the money is just a secondary thought to the opportunity to run against so many fast runners.

If everyone who is rumored to be showing up for this one actually toes the line Saturday morning it'll be pretty impressive. The following names are either rumored or confirmed to be running: Steidl, Carpenter, (Kyle) Skaggs, Mackey, Wardian, Meltzer, Koerner, Schmitt, Kockik, Miller, Lint, Roes. That's a dozen guys who are used to winning most races they run. All told there may be 15 guys toeing the line that aren't used to being beaten by more than one or two guys. A bad day and any one of these guys could slip back to somewhere in the teens! I look forward to seeing where I fit into the mix.


Eric Strabel said...

GOOD LUCK GEOFF! And have fun. I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

Best of Luck Geoff - we know you can do it - we are hoping for a really good race for you so you can come home for Christmas. Have fun and call us and let us know when you will be arriving in Syracuse.

Love you, Mom & Dad (and all the rest of your family)

Chris said...

Kick some MF a$$ Geoff! I'll be cheering for you from Denver.

Excuse me while I go run 4 miles now :) Haha.

1234567890 said...

Go Geoff!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Geoff.
I just got done reading Jill's book and I couldn't put it down. I must admit it was a little weird reading about someone I know and some of the events I heard about when they occurred, but a thrilling read from beginning to end just the same. She's an amazing writer.
I'm really rooting for you to win this and come back to NY for the holidays ;)

FixieDave said...

Kick Ass!

mindful mule said...

Looks like a great course. Have fun. Run fast...

Anonymous said...

Good luck Geoff... We are all always cheering for you but even a little more with this race, since there is a little rumor that you will be coming for Christmas if you win some prize money.
We wish you the best of luck...it sounds like it will be a fun one.
Love- Sheri and Mark...and Paige and Kyle too!

Anonymous said...

Go Geoff!
remember your training up here is tougher than anywhere.
have a blast!