Friday, August 22, 2008

Three Peaks, A Ridge, And Two Flights...

... And now I'm in Utah. Two weeks to acclimatize before the Wasatch 100.

Wednesday was my last day in Juneau for at least 2 months. I had the day off from work and the weather was perfect... one of the only nice days in Juneau all summer.

Sometime last week I started to think about wanting to run an epic all day run my last day in Juneau. When the weather turned out so nice I went for it. I climbed 3 peaks over 3,500 feet (dropping to sea-level between each one), about 42 miles total distance, with at least 12,000 ft. of total climbing/descending. In all I was out for almost 11 hours.

It was probably the most difficult training run I've ever done, but I felt really strong. A little quad soreness today but nothing too drastic.

After the run I had just enough time to get some dinner, say bye to friends, and hop on a 1:00am flight down here to Utah. Only got about 4 hours of sleep that night so by the time I finally went to sleep last night I was very pleased to sleep for almost 10 hours and lounge around lazily this morning.

Tomorrow I will begin my Wasatch 100 trail recon. I'll probably only run about 130 total miles between now and the race so I'm going to try to make most, if not all of these miles on the actual race route. If I'm able to set up some shuttles, or maybe shuttle myself with my bike once it arrives down here via Fedex from Alaska, maybe I can even cover the entire route before raceday. That would be nice, but more importantly will be spending lots of time up in the mountains getting used to the heat, elevation, and dryness of this area in relation to Juneau. Two weeks isn't really enough time to get myself all the way adjusted, but it's all the time I have so it's going to have to work.

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Matt Hart said...

dood you are going to rock wasatch!

let me know if you need a pacer.

i'm out for transrockies.. yeehaa!