Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tapering Is Hard To Do...

...Especially when you are living on your bike. My routine for the last 36 hours has been to pedal easy for about 10 miles and then stop for a break. Every 2nd or 3rd break I take a short nap. I haven't passed through a town since I entered Montana without stopping to look around. I have read every single historical plaque along the highway and overnight last night I was stopped for about 15 hours.

Despite this laid back pace though I'm still moving along ahead of schedule and trying my best not to cover too much mileage the rest of the day today and tomorrow.

I have to stop in Whitefish (which is about 80 miles from where I am now) for at least a day or two. I have a bunch of things being shipped to me there and that is where I'll do my final bike maintenance and make my final decisions on what I'll actually be carrying with me during the race. From Whitefish though it's only another 60 miles to the race start and I still have 6 days until that point.

Luckily the weather has turned nice again. Today is the warmest day since I left Salt Lake City. I suspect I'll be spending a lot of time in the next few days taking naps in the shade. Nothing wrong with this I suppose, except that it gives me too much time to get anxious about the race.

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Chris said...

Hey Geoff,

My plan is to shove off tomorrow which should put me in Whitefish hopefully in a couple days. Looks like Ardie and Matt made it over the pass to Whitefish. 2-3 miles of pushing but that sound fine to me after imagining it much worse. Hope I see you there and maybe we can grab a bite before I take off again. I don't have a phone or anything but my SPOT/tracking seems to be working okay.