Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If The Sun Won't Come To Me...

...Then I'm going to go to the sun.

One month from today I am quitting my job. And then a few days after that I am boarding a ferry to Bellingham, Washington. From there I'll have a week to make my way down the coast to run the Miwok 100k (north of San Fran.) on May 3rd. After that I'll head East a couple states and spend the rest of my spring riding my bike in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico in preparation for the Great Divide Race which starts on June 20th.

To say I'm excited for this summer would be a pretty serious understatement. Not only will I be taking the summer off from work to run and ride as much as possible, but for most of this time I will be living outside on the Colorado Plateau.

Alaska is home in the sense that I currently have a job, apartment, and all of my stuff here; New York is home in the sense that I grew up there and my entire family lives there; but nowhere do I feel as much at "home" as when I'm in Southern Utah living outside. And lucky for me this is what I'll be doing most of the summer and likely into the fall. I'm not sure if I have enough of a credit card limit to fund this adventure but I intend to find out.


trio said...

Wow, sounds like a lovely summer. I'm having a bit of time out from work at the moment and trying to use it to get some more biking done. But I'm not going anywhere interesting.

Anonymous said...

NY - "Home" - yes your entire family lives here and we are all anxiously awaiting the day when you decide to return "home" or at least closer to "home". We miss you so much and you are missing all your nieces and nephews growing up.

Chris said...


I'm always amazed at how not nervous you seem to be. I'll have my own little story up tonight I think but to say I was nervous this morning would probably be an understatement...

Unknown said...

Coolness hope to run into yah a few times this spring =)

Doug said...

Wow, what a guilt trip from your mom.

Way to live the dream! Have the time of your life!

Vito said...

Definitely living the dream. I sort of share Doug's thoughts, but then if I were a parent I may think the same as your mother.

Nigity - Always keep a smile in your heart."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Spinning the wheels and living the dream under plateau skies. SOunds great, but what about your girl? Distance makes the heart grow fonder?

Erin Alaska said...

Amazing, you are dying to go down south and I am the opposite. At about the exact time you quit, my husband and I will be doing the same and heading on the 3000 mile trek to Juneau. Your mom sounds like mine. They will never truly understand our love for the outdoors and that there is where we are the happiest. Hopefully Jill can work it out to go too. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Guilt trips and Moms are cosmically linked. I just tell mine that the airplanes go in both directions, stop the complaining.

Anonymous said...
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Matt Hart said...

i can't promise you sunsine, but if you want to stop in seattle you got a couch to stay on. just let a brotha know.

Fonk said...

I get that from my mom all the time, especially since we've had the kids. I live in the mountains of Colorado, and she wants me to move back to MN? I don't think so.... :-)

Olga said...

OMG, you made me realize Miwok is less than a month away! But - what a bold move and an awesome summer ahead. As Hart said, if you need to - Portland is all ready to accept you, a couch is free:) I need to catch up on your latest, I am curious about these plans.

Anonymous said...