Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Couple Things On My Mind

About 2 weeks ago I decided that I was going to make every effort to try to gain some weight before February 24th. Unfortunately I don't seem to be as good at this as most Americans. I've literally been trying to eat as much food as possible for almost 2 weeks now and I think I've maybe gained 1 pound. I guess down the homestretch now I'm going to give it my all and really focus on the fats. Donuts, ice cream, and bacon here we come (I don't think I've eaten a donut in 5 years). I just wish I could find a way to lower my gear weight by about 5 pounds while increasing my body weight by the same amount. Fellow racer, Pete B. has given me some good tips on lowering the gear weight. Anyone have any good tips on gaining some body weight? (besides having a beer or two each night because that doesn't seem to be working).

The other thing on my mind is how much I do not like the shoes that I'm currently planning to run this race in. Montrail Odyssey has been my shoe of choice for over a year now, but when I got a pair a size too big for me (to fit multiple socks) a couple months ago I didn't like the way they felt on my foot and they weren't wide enough in front to comfortably fit the socks. At that point I decided to get a pair of Montrail Hardrocks because they make them in extra wide sizes. These shoes feel great on my foot, with plenty of space for socks (and they're a lot warmer than the Odyssey), but when I run in them they never feel right. I've had some arch pains, some ball of foot pain, and most recently problems with my feet "falling asleep" while running. When I switch back to my standard sized Odyssey all of these problems are gone right away. This isn't something I want to be dealing with now that the race is only 10 days away but I've decided that tomorrow morning I'm going to go to the one store here in Juneau that sells running shoes and try to find something that feels good on my foot with 3 pair of socks on and give them a try. I hate the idea of changing race shoes with such short time to test them out, but at this point I'm really not at all confident in my Hardrocks so I guess I should at least give something else a try.


AMIE said...

I had a similar problem with my feet when I went to a larger size to wear more socks with my beloved Mizunos. I took out the insoles they came with and got a pair of Adapt Insoles that you put in the oven. Then you put them in the shoes and wear them for 15 min and they mold to your foot shape. This fixed the pains in the arch and the falling asleep feeling for me. I found mine at the local running store and have seen them at Sports Authority. Best of luck! I hope you get the shoe thing figured out!

MC said...

First, consider yourself gifted at not being able to gain weight. I can look at food and get heavier within minutes...

Really wanna gain some?

Eat your normal 'healthy' meals during the day, on the same schedule that you normally would.

Then eat a pizza every night before bed.

Don't put any froo-froo low cal veggies on it. Pile on some sausage and extra cheese and pepperoni. Even better--make it a pesto pizza because using pesto as a sauce gives way more calories than tomato sauce. When you get to the crusts dip 'em in olive oil before consuming.

You *will* gain weight on this plan.

And don't forget the milkshake for dessert...

Mebbe see ya on the trail, although I seriously doubt it.


Pete B said...

What about using the comfortable shoes with one sock which I bet is going to be warm enough most of the time and then putting on a overboot when it's cold?

Vito said...

I use something similar to what Amie had mentioned.
Sole heat moldable inserts. I've had very good luck with them, although I'm not wearing them in shoes three sizes larger than normal. REI sold them for some time, but I'm not sure if they still do. May be worth a look.
Best of luck to you.

Nigity - "Always keep a smile in your heart."

Anonymous said...

When i run in -15 in the valley i use the really thin "hot hands" toe warmers and put them under my insoles. You dont even know they are there and your feet stay toasty even in your thinnest socks.

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