Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Run 5 miles
Bike 11 miles
Lift 12 lifts
-3 sets of 12 reps.

Hike/Backcountry XC ski 5 miles
Bike Commute 3 miles
Run 11 miles

After just a couple days of mellow workouts I'm feeling much more fresh. I'm still planning on the rest of this week and next week being only in the 15-18 hour range (instead of 22-24 as I was originally planning). And to sharpen my body I'll probably plan on some of this training to be interval/tempo type stuff. For the past month or more everything I've done has been pretty slow and steady so it'll be nice to do some variety. And with the fresh snow we have now I'll certainly be mixing some xc skiing in as well. I finally dug the skis out of the shed the other day and sometime in the next few days I'll find the time to get them waxed up and ready to cruise.

By the way, the insulated canister stove idea that I was trying the other day didn't work at all. After an hour in my freezer, with a heat pack inside the insulated pouch, the fuel was completely frozen. Bummer.

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