Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kicking It Recreational Style

Mt. Bike 25 miles

Bike Commute 3 miles
Run 7 miles

Today Jill and I went out together for a 2 1/2 hour mountain bike ride that was quite different than most of the rides or runs I've done this year. It wasn't about fitness or about preparing my mind and body for an upcoming race. We just went out and rode our bikes for fun. We chatted quite a bit and took some long breaks. I stopped to try riding technical stretches a second or third time that I couldn't get the first time. We traded bikes for a few minutes so Jill could try out my Monkey. In all we just went out and rode our bikes completely for fun. And the sun even broke out for awhile. Unfortunately I decided at the last minute not to carry a pack on the ride which means I didn't take my camera but Jill did get a few nice pictures which I'm sure she'll be posting soon on her blog. The other unfortunate thing was that I was quickly snapped back to reality when we got home and I had a message from a co-worker informing me that I should come into work as early as possible because another co-worker had not shown up to work for the 2nd time in 3 days. What I need now is to find a way to make that ride today be my "reality" and the remainder of my day at work the anomaly.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Geoff. Not all is training. Enjoy your live because you are lucky living there.
I wish you and Jill more days like this.
Regards from Spain.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how you can be having the "best" day and something like that can try to ruin it. Sounds like you decided not to let that phone call do so!

Chris said...

Enjoy those rides Geoff. Marni and I get out for rides like that but it never seems often enough. You're just riding, talking to your best friend and enjoying the day with no least until something snaps you back to reality later. At least for a little while it seems totally carefree.

P.S. Can you guys really trade bikes? I'm 5'11" and Marni is 5'6" so our bikes are sooo different. I'm always jealous of a couple of my friends who can "share" bikes with their SO.

Dave Harris said...

When you figure out how to switch realities please be sure and let us know how!

Geoff said...

yeah we can pretty much fit the same bikes ok. i'm only 2 inches taller than jill and we both have similarly length arms and legs for our sizes. she felt yesterday that my monkey is a little large for her and her pugsley is a little small for me but once there's snow you can be assured that i'll be taking pugsley out for a spin while she's at work.