Saturday, September 22, 2007

Something Old, Something New

Mt. Bike 25 miles

Run 8 miles
Bike 11 miles
Lift 16 lifts
-3 sets of 12 reps.

Got the Monkey out for 25 miles today. He runs like a champ. I knew it would climb more smoothly than my FS 26" Gary Fisher, but what I didn't expect was how smooth it felt coming down. Today was my first off road ride on a hardtail in about 3 years. I remember my first ride on my first Full Suspension bike about 4 years ago. I felt like I had discovered a new world of biking. And the funny thing is that I felt that way today about getting on a hardtail 29er. I'm riding it right now with a Reba fork but sometime soon I'll set it up with the rigid fork that came with the frame and see how I like that. And eventually I'll have to try it out as a singlespeed. It's so fun having such a versatile bike. Anyone interested in buying a full-suspension Gary Fisher Sugar? I don't think I'll be needing mine anymore.

Jill and I now have 7 bikes between us... doing laundry is becoming a pretty difficult task.

Totals for the week: Run 29 miles; Bike 73 miles; in 9.75 hours time.


Chris said...

Enjoy the gears and Reba. I'm warning you that once you go rigid SS you may not go back. A lot of people get sucked in!

FixieDave said...

and whatever you do don'y try it fixed!

FixieDave said...

Also clean cothes are overrated!

1234567890 said...

Hey Geof,

Good choice on the new wheels. Karate Monkey == awesome sauce. I'm warning you, you go rigid SS you'll be hooked. I was!

I must admit that I am jealous of your Reba. There are days I think that I would like a suspension fork. Does it clear the downtube OK or did you have to get one of those extended headsets?


Geoff said...

hey anthony,
yeah, i had to get the cane creek headset with 5mm extra on the bottom and i still didn't have enough clearance so i also added a ventana 7mm crown race and with the two combined i have about 2-3 mm of clearance. haven't noticed any problems with the way that rides and at least i don't have to worry anymore about damaging my frame and/or fork once i take that hard fall that's bound to happen one of these days soon.