Sunday, July 15, 2007

Nice Weather... And It's Consequences

Hike 4 miles
Mt. Bike 20 miles

Today was one of those days in which everyone and their dog (or three dogs) was out hiking. The combination of nice weather and 4 cruise ships in port made for the most crowded I have ever seen any trail in Alaska. The Salmon Creek Trail was nice in the morning but then I made the mistake of riding up The Perseverance Trail after that. About 2 miles up the trail I got on a less used side trail to avoid the crowds but instantly I came upon a group of at least 20 hikers and there was just no way I was going to get by them on this narrow singletrack. I stopped to take a leak but then I was right on their tail again in one minute. Eventually they saw that I was behind them but they still made no effort to let me through for another 5 minutes. I've got to start getting out of town to the less used trails more often but it's hard to justify driving to a trail when there are so many nearby that I can just run or bike to from my apartment.


FixieDave said...

Ride there and back.... or ride then run?

More gdr miles =)

WynnMan said...

Hey Geoff, thanks for the response. Yep it was a tough doozie. Wish it would have been like a 6:30 start. Beggars can't be choosers.

looks like your recovery and preparation for the next race is going well. You seem to be really passionate about that race. go get em!

Jason said...

Hey Geoff, good luck this Saturday. Wondering if you might be able to field two questions from a Crow Pass Crossing rookie-to-be:

- What have you found to be the best method for carrying the mandatory gear? Fanny pack? Water belt with extra clothing wrapped around? Camelbak?

- How much water have you found is a good amount to carry?

Obviously, answers will vary and what works for you might not for me and vice versa...but I'm so new to this that I think any advice you have might be helpful.

Jason (jwalther at mit dot edu)

D said...
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Geoff said...

you're right. i was doing a lot of that back in April and May but lately i've been more lazy about it. after i'm done with these races i have in the next few weeks i'll get back to some longer bike rides and some rides to some of the trails that are a little further away.

Last year I used a camelbak. That worked just fine but the pack itself is a bit heavy. i have not found a waist pack that i like to run with (too much bouncing). this year i'm going with a more simple and minimilist approach. i'll be tying my long sleeve top around my waist with most of my other gear wrapped and duct taped around it. also shorts with pockets that i'll put some of the smaller things in as well as a few gel packets. and a handheld 20 ounce bottle. i'll figure on drinking about 40-70 ounces (depending on the weather) and i'll be filling up my bottle in streams along the way. if you're going to carry all your water i would go with at least 40 ounces and at least 60 if it's sunny and warm. good luck in the race.

Geoff said...

hey wynn,
yeah, it's kind of surprised me how passionate i've become about this race. I've been anxious for it to come back around ever since the day i ran it last year, but i didn't expect to become quite as passionate about it as i've become. it's a great race and i have a feeling this may be my last time running it for at least a few years so i want to get it right.

sara said...

I can't believe they didn't move out of your way! We always move for faster hikers let alone bikes. It must have been pretty obvious you weren't part of their group and wanted to get by.

Anonymous said...