Sunday, June 17, 2007

Quick and Light

Mt. Bike 14 miles
Run 12 miles

Pushed myself a little harder and longer than I planned today but only because I felt really good. I noticed when I got out on my bike this morning that I had a little more short burst power than I've felt in some time. This was confirmed when I was able to climb the entire perseverance trail for the first time this spring. There is one rocky uphill part which I just haven't had the power to get up lately but today I rolled up it without much trouble. After putting in 4 hours at work I headed out for a run hoping to feel the same pep that I felt on the bike earlier. I was only planning on a 7 or 8 mile run but I felt really strong and quick and was having a great time running on a section of trail which I've only been on once before. Ended up putting in 12 miles in about 1:25 on a quite technical trail. In all it was one of those days in which I felt like someone had turned down the strength of gravity. Uphills didn't slow me down much and when riding or running on flat ground I almost felt like I was floating a few inches above the ground. Good stuff.


WynnMan said...

you'll be mustard for this 24hr bike race. This is looking like a very good avenue of endurace sport for you. Keep it up man!


Anonymous said...