Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Relaxing a Bit

Bike Commute 3 miles
Run 7 miles

Bike Commute 3 miles

With taking yesterday off it had been over 48 hours since I last ran when I got out for a nice 50 minute run tonight. What a difference a couple days off can make. Whereas Sunday I felt tired out and cut my run about an hour shorter than planned, tonight I felt great and had to force myself not to run further than I did. Two day ago I felt so uncertain about how my body would come around and be ready for racing in 11 more days, but now I feel like I'm prepared and ready to roll. I've got a little more training planned between now and then, but probably no more than 45 total miles before next Thursday and Friday off completely. Should be good and ready after that.

The Crow Pass Crossing will easily be the most competitive race that I run/ride this year. Many races up here in Alaska don't have that many competitors because... well, because there aren't that many people up here. This race is one of the big ones though. It will have well over 100 runners and there are qualification standards required just to be considered eligible for the race. I finished 5th in this race as a rookie last year and feel like I have a great shot at improving on this. More than anything I want to go faster than the 3:17 I ran last year. If the course conditions are similar to last year I think I can cut up to 10 minutes off my time. It's going to be tough though. This is a very rugged course with lots of climbing, sections of snow, mud, roots, rocks, VERY overgrown trail, several small stream crossings, and one major glacial fed river crossing (about 1 mile from the face of the glacier). Not to mention the high likelihood of wildlife encounters including moose, black bear, and brown bear. No matter what happens it's going to be a fun one.