Sunday, July 8, 2007

Coming Up Short

Run 15 miles

Before getting into boring talk about my running I wanted to send a shout out for a quick and full recovery to Dave Harris. He's been riding/dominating for the past week in the BCBR with teammate Lynda Wallenfels. He took some kind of fall off a bridge in the final stage yesterday, forcing them to drop from the race which they had all but wrapped up by that point. I guess it aint over until it's over. Unfortunately they weren't able to hang on to win that event, but the important thing is that Dave apparently is OK and was only in the hospital briefly. Here's to hoping you can be back on your bike soon, Dave.

Was planning to put in at least 4o miles this weekend, and 50 if I was feeling good... only got 37. I felt OK on my 22 miler yesterday but today I just didn't have any energy. I put in 15 miles, but just didn't have the mental or physical energy to go any further. My legs have just felt very heavy most of the time since The 24 Hours of Light. I still think I'll be feeling great once I come around but I've been running too much since the race to really recover the way I would have liked to by now. I've got 13 days until The Crow Pass Crossing and I'm going to ease into a long taper for that race beginning tomorrow. I think I still have plenty of time to come around and be ready to roll on July 21st, but with each passing day I am getting a little more anxious about the way my body's feeling. I think the next 3 or 4 days are going to be the key turning point. If I'm still feeling the heavy legs on Wednesday or Thursday of this week I could be in trouble.

The good thing is that I was stopping a lot today to try to stretch out my legs so I took quite a few pictures. Here are a few of them:


WynnMan said...

great images! Smart plan to start the taper now. Even if you did nothing from here until Crow Pass you would be a lot more fresh than trying to do what I did after Ice Age going into Kettle. I would just do some easy runs and few sharp and short runs. Nothing more than 68 minutes for either.

looks like things are going well though.


Dave said...

I am learning the hard way that what I do in the ten days after a big event will affect the next month of training. I am not a patient person and I am always to eager to get going again.