Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Time For a Nap

Run 7 miles

Took the afternoon off after a 7 mile run before work. Not sure why but I feel more like I ran 27 miles than 7. I felt this way last night too. Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep. Hoping to have more energy again tomorrow.

Training is tough right now in Juneau. The snow on the trails is too soft for running. Yesterday morning I must have fallen 20 times while I was running on the Dan Moeller trail. Most strides I would only sink 4 or 5 inches but every once in awhile I would break through up to mid thigh and down I would go. There is still enough snow for skiing but now that it's above 40 degrees most everyday I'm finding my interest in skiing becoming less and less. I'd like to ski at least once more this season but I'll be surprised if I actually do. There aren't any trails clear enough yet for mountain biking and they are all too soft for snow biking. Road biking is OK right now, but there is so much sand and gravel on the sides of the road that it's really more like riding on gravel than pavement. And then there's the rain. It's been pretty much raining for 6 days straight and I'm running out of shoes and clothes that are dry. I guess it's pointless to complain about the rain in Juneau... kind of like complaining about the heat in Death Valley.


FixieDave said...

I really like to catch up on sleep when the weather turns real nasty...

Sleep good =)

Olga said...

I loved your pictures on snowy outside, I miss it often...although I am not trying to pretend I'd be running every day on snow in friggin' cold:) Beautiful though. Thanks for posting.