Monday, April 9, 2007

Free Shoes

Run 6 miles
Mt. Bike 23 miles

I've got this random pair of Asics trail running shoes that I've had for about 2 years. In that time I've worn them about 4 times because every time I wear them I decide that they are too small for me and I put them back in the bottom of my closet until months later I decide to give them a try again, hoping that somehow they have grown larger or my foot has grown smaller. I ran in them this morning for the first time in about 8 months and I don't ever want to run in them again. I would love it if someone who might fit in them would take them off my hands. They're a size 10.5 but they fit like a small 10. If you wear 10.5 they will be too small for you.... trust me. but if you wear a 9.5 or 10 they should be perfect. They are Asics Gel-Eagle Trail. Let me know if you want them and they are yours for the cost of shipping. I would guess that they have less than 30 miles of running on them and I've never once worn them for anything else.

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Anonymous said...

If you are still willing I would love your shoes. I live in St. Louis, MO. Feel free to email me if you still have them.