Wednesday, March 6, 2013

48 for 48

The Iditarod Trail Invitational to McGrath is now over (8 or 9 racers are continuing on the full distance to Nome). 48 people started the race just over 10 days ago now, and every single one of them finished within the 10 day "limit". Of all the amazing things that happened in this race this year, this is by far the most mind boggling. From my 3 times starting this race I feel like in any given year the odds of finishing the race are probably somewhere around 50/50. Last year the majority of the field dropped out without even making it 100 miles. Obviously the trail conditions are everything in this race, but 350 miles is really damn far no matter what the trail is like. I have never heard of a 100 mile race in which every starter made it to the finish. To have this happen in a 350 mile race, in Alaska, in the dead of winter is nothing short of amazing. Good work to everyone out there. Sure wish I could have been a part of the "fun".


Shelby said...

It has been an amazing year for this race...Props to all of the badass finishers!

Tony Mollica said...

That is amazing! I agree with Shelby!

Emilia S said...

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Dylan Bowman said...


Unknown said...

Your blog is great.
We visited alaska in 2011, it is amazing.
pictures just do not do it justice.