Friday, August 28, 2009

Coming Around

I've been in Colorado for the past week now. The first few days at elevation were tough. Got in some decent runs near Boulder (elevation about 6,000) but my lungs and heart were feeling pretty bad. I'm now in Crestone (elevation 8,000) and feeling much better. I ended up deciding on 3 full weeks of acclimatization and I'm pretty stoked about that. Last year before Wasatch I had 2 weeks and I think that was enough, but only with a day or two to spare. If things go as they went last year I should be feeling almost completely adjusted with about a week still to go before race day. I won't do a whole lot of training in that time but it will be nice for my piece of mind to feel like I'm ready to roll more than a day or two before race day.


Shad Mika said...

You should just go and hang out in Leadville at 10K. That is where I like to go to get ready for races. Lots of free camping, things to do in town, and awesome trails along with 14ers.


Anonymous said...

Seems like the 3 weeks is a good plan. I wonder if dropping down to a lower elevation for a couple days in the last week would be beneficial? Almost like blood doping. Regardless, run strong at Wasatch and if you'd like to come train for a few days on the NF championship course, give me a call.

Betsy Fischer said...

Good luck, Geoff. Scott and I will be cheering for you on race day.