Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hopped on the ferry on Friday and ran the 33 mile Chilkoot Trail with some friends yesterday. 8 hours total time. A mellow pace for me but I was the only one in our group who had ever run more than a marathon. It was fun to run with some folks who were pushing their limit and get a good long run in.

I didn't feel very good for the first few hours but I finally got in a groove about 4 hours in and pretty much felt stronger when I finished than any other point of the day. Perhaps next summer I'll go back and go for the fastest known time on the trail (6:47). I think I could easily do it under 6 hours, and maybe as fast as 5.

At any rate, it's all about Wasatch training right now. This past 2 weeks has made me feel very good about where I'm at in my training. I've done a great mix of hills, distance, and even a little tempo stuff and I've felt pretty good on almost all of it. I hate to get too optimistic, but things sure are coming together at the right time for a good run on September 11th.


JWW said...

Who did the 6:47? You should contact Peter Bakwin so he can update his FKT site

Good luck at Wasatch.


mindful mule said...

Sounds like a fun group running adventure. If you keep that same mellow pace up at Wasatch you’ll probably be right up with the leaders. I guess it doesn’t translate quite that easily when you multiply the distance by three, but… anyway, good luck out there.

Olga said...

Best of race to you at Wasatch!

Jennoit said...

Nicely done. Sierra and I were vaguely talking of trying to run this in a day last summer - but we were planning to take a lot longer than that! Glad you enjoyed it and hope you had time for some of the scenery!

1234567890 said...

Funny... I was in Carcross that weekend, talked to some White Pass guys who mentioned a group had done 8 hours and were pretty blown away.

Lo and behold, it was you.

Be pretty cool to see how fast you could run it.