Sunday, May 24, 2009


I've been back in Alaska for almost a week now. Not getting back to Juneau until Tuesday though.

I've been hanging out in Sitka all week, as a bit of an extra little vacation time tacked on to my month long vacation. Vacation's pretty sweet. Especially in a place as scenic, idyllic and mellow as Sitka.

I've been doing some combination of running, hiking, biking, and kayaking each day I've been here, but none of it has been with a focus on training. Rather I've just been going out and running up a mountain if I feel like being on top of a mountain; riding around checking out things on my bike when I feel curious to explore; and generally just enjoying the simplicity and beauty that each day has been dropping in front of me.

In a couple days I'll be heading back to the "real life" of a job, condo, and all the everyday stuff that goes with that. The other thing that will go along with that will likely be a return to more focused training and preparation for my next race. Maybe I'll even decide pretty soon here what my next race is going to be. For now though it's kind of relaxing, and exciting not to be sure. It makes it a lot easier to just go out and enjoy being in the mountains, on the water, or wherever else the day takes me.


Anonymous said...

Great that you're recharging the mind and motivation. You don't think this is training because it's relaxed and fun but you're doing a lot for your future race success. Looking forward to checking out your upcoming race plans.

Hone said...

I have still never been to Sitka but have nothing but good things.

You missed out on a good run yesterday. Dave and I had a blast. Still tons of snow.

I love just running the mountains without any purpose other than getting lost in them while letting my mind go free. It is good medicine.