Friday, May 15, 2009

Homeward Bound

Spent last week "out east" with family and friends and then this week in southern Utah. Camping in the sun, running on rock and dirt, living the simple life outdoors in the desert. I'm leaving soon to head back to Alaska. It took me a couple days to get used to the heat and dryness of southern Utah and now it's back to the cool humid air of southeast Alaska. I never thought that the weather in Juneau would seem so ideal and comforting but being away from there for almost a month now I really do miss it. There just seems to be something pleasant about the light steady rain that falls in Juneau. I hate it in September and October when it's windy, cold, and raining hard all the time, but this time of year it's generally calm, warmer, and even sunny quite a bit. I look forward to spending June in Alaska after not being up there for a single day last June.


Anonymous said...


Glad to hear you are coming back to Juneau. The weather has actually been remarkably good. Have you made any decisions about races for the rest of the summer? My training still seems to be on track for the 33 miler in June and 50 miler in July. Hope to see you out on a Geezer run soon.


Bryan said...

Great to hear you're coming back! We'll be back from Hawaii on Sat. See you soon Geoff.

Bryan, Deb and Sidra

Matthew Lee said...

GR, unrelated but you are the only long distance runner i know of who has a relationship to this area so i am sending you this link:

i solo MTB'd this route in 06 and it is absolutely epic. if you have no conflict you should seriously consider it. it sits above the GDMBR on the swan crest. i would imagine it can be run faster than it can be biked. i was going for the 17:30 bike record but was not even close. there is a 6mi missing link in the middle somewhere and it's easy to get lost hiking the connector. anyway, check it. you won't regret. ML