Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Some Weeks You Just Don't Have It

Pretty soon after my last post on Monday morning it became very clear that I was getting sick. I went into work at noon that day, but by the end of my shift 6 hours later I was feeling horrible. I slept 12 hours that night and after some intense stomach pains during the night I woke up yesterday feeling quite a bit better. However I still had no appetite and my overall energy level was very low from not eating anything all day Monday. Thus I took yesterday off from any training (as well as Monday) figuring that I should then be back to normal and feeling strong today.

This morning my stomach still didn't feel totally back to normal, but I was able to eat a decent breakfast and headed out for a run around 10:00, excited to be "back in the swing of things." Unfortunately I only got about a mile down the road and I strained my right calf muscle. I didn't do anything specific. I was just running along on smooth pavement and suddenly one step later my calf was much too sore to run. Now I'm stuck with icing and massaging and hoping. I hope it's not anything that lingers for too long. A few days will be no big deal, but if this injury pushes very far into next week it becomes a pretty large concern with the Iditarod Invitational just over a month away. So if you all have any tips for treating what I presume is a minor calf strain I'm all ears.


Hone said...

I had the same kind of thing happen an hour ago. I was at the end of my run with just a half of a mile to go and my achilles tendon seized up. That was a first. I had to limp back to the car. My only thought was....What in the hell was that all about??

Anyways I do not have any advice because you are a runner so I know you wouldnt use it anyways.

I hope you feel better soon though.

Derrick said...

Active Release Therapy (ART) is great, but sounds like you're already onto that with self massage. Though sometimes you need someone else who will get in there and make it really a healing sort of way.

Good luck. Heal quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Geoff, I'm sorry to hear that. I feel like you have a very ambitious race schedule this year and this may actually be a blessing in disguise because this little kink in your plans may cause you to slow down and take it a bit easier which ultimately could preserve your body for later in the season. It seems like just when you start to get very confident about fitness this sort of thing always happens. A 100 mile performance like your performance at HURT a few weeks ago probably just requires a bit more rest.

Anonymous said...


take a golf ball and put all your weight on it and work it around. Massage can be an amazing thing. Just got one after my workout today and once a month it is part of my training. Best decision I ever made, especially if you find a really good massage therapist.

recover well,

Anonymous said...

Hey Geoff,
I've had similar stuff in the past. It takes a long time (3 weeks) to lose any measurable endurance. Take it easy. I've felt burned the last week or so and have been taking, until now, unheard of naps and sleeping at least 8 hrs. It helps.

If you want acute treatment, then ART and hot laser (maybe some grafting) is the way. Just make sure to find someone who knows what he/she's doing. Rest will not hurt you, especially this early in the season.
Take care.

Dave said...

I second the professional massage/ART work. I also agree that there may be more residual than you think from the HURT. Of course you're at a level I could only dream of; but I have run ultras for 14 years - and found that my recovery is longer than initial muscular feeling might indicate.

bagdaddy said...

Well First I would RICE, rest ice compress elevate. Some light stretching would be good too but dont force it. I honestly think you may be mentally a little tired. A 100 miler has got to take it out of you.

Other than that I would get back to the basics. Get plenty of sleep and focus on healthy diet. I suggest two glasses of OJ per day. It's more of a mental thing. If you focus on diet and recovery, the rest will follow. I need to heed some of my own advice as I have been struggling with IT band problems.

Anonymous said...


TonyP said...

You've been going at it hard for quite some time. Perhaps rest is just what the doc ordered.

Bob - said...

Good write Geoff from Anton K's blog

In 2008 I ran 5162 miles, which was only about a dozen miles less than the year before, but I was, yet again, almost completely out of running for four of the 12 months of the year. That has to change.

Recover well and train smart you have a lot of races ahead of you in 09' and beyond!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Spanish regarding RICE and diet. Increase your lean protein intake as these are the building blocks for that calf. I start EVERY morning with fat free vanilla yogurt (Stonyfield Farms), granola, and either blueberries or strawberries mixed together. The berries have antioxidants that really help in healing as well. Your body is utilizing whatever it's fed in order to rebuild and overcome that injury.

I look forward to crossing paths with you at some time in 2009. I've enjoyed your blog.

CJ Hitz