Sunday, January 25, 2009

Halfway Serious (and thus halfway joking) Ego Trip Rant

With my sidebar poll now closed I should mention (for those that aren't yet aware) that a couple weeks ago Ultrarunning Magazine released their results for runner of the year and performance of the year. Looks like the voters on my blog were fairly in tune with the "anonymous" panel that chooses the award for the magazine. In both cases Kyle's unbelievable Hardrock run were clear winners.

Click here to check out Ultrarunning's tally

Being as new to the national scene as I am (2008 was the first year that I ran any ultras outside of Alaska) I didn't really expect to draw much attention from whoever makes up this anonymous panel, and well, I guess I got what I expected. Perhaps I just had a very lucid dream that I won Wasatch with one of the fastest times in the race's long history.

I did get a handful of votes for runner of the year, but I would have thought that winning as many 100 milers (2) as any male runner in the country would have perhaps gotten me a little more attention on that front as well. Then again the only other guy to also win two 100 milers (Karl Meltzer) got even fewer votes than I did so who am I to complain?

Anyhow, It is what it is - not something to get all uptight about. It's time I draw this shameless self indulgent rant to a close before I make myself sick. It would have been some nice icing on the cake to get a little more attention/respect for my accomplishments in 2008 but that's over and done and I'm super excited to push myself harder in 2009. And of course I'll gladly trade the lack of attention my performances in '08 got me with this anonymous panel for the fact that I've now (with the first 100 miler in '09 in the books) won more 100 mile races than anyone in the country in the past year.


_oe said...

might not have gotten the nod this year, but your CR at HURT will be impossible to ignore for '09 ... just my 2 cents.


Brett said...

Geoff, quite simply nobody knows you yet. Look at Jamie Donaldson on the female side - she set a new course record at the Umstead 100, Badwater 135, she won the Javelina Jundred, finished first for the US and #4 overall at the 24 hour worlds (made it nearly 140 miles), etc. etc. and she didn't win either. (She also won about 3 other ultra races if I remember right.)

Don't worry, even we novices know you now. I think 2009 will be different for the attention that you get.

Hell, if you faced a world class field and had a horrible section at North Face but still finished 5th, the sky is the limit.

I can't explain it to you, maybe its like Jay Leno interviewing ignorant random Americans on the street, and when it came time to vote they didn't think Alaska was a state, lol.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that on Evan Hone's site he said you were "completely without ego". Hmmm, perhaps a little ego has drifted in without you noticing it. That's what being the best does to you, in any sport or activity. Be careful what you wish for, once you are a known commodity, things will change, but perhaps not for the better. You will be hunted, there will be bigger and bigger expectations (yourself and others), and the original joy and vision and determination may be lost. Congrats on a great race to start off 2009, congrats on an awesome series of races in 2008 (and years prior as well), and for interesting, introspective blog posts. Keep the passion, forget about the awards, they will come. Good that you kept the rant short, now let the mountains come back to your soul.

Bob - said...

ANY top competitive athlete has to have a little ego attached and anyone who says they don't have any ego is full of shittt...

sick skills and determination with a splash of ego sounds like a good mix to me.

OK to rant a little bit Geoff :-)

Stay fired up, keep that focus and keep blazing those trials!!

Hone said...

This is your blog. Rant on!!

I have personally never witness any ego from you at all. I think some people will just read into this post wrong.

Are you extremely confident in your skills?? Yes

Do you think you are a better person than me because of your talent?? No

And no I am not a PRO HO. If Geoff was an punk I would not defend him. He is far from that.

Geoff said...

good points all. wanted to clarify that i was in no way implying that i belonged anywhere near the top of either of these polls (as it sounds like brett may have thought i was saying). there is a very interesting discussion that could be had about the top half dozen or so spots in both the men's and women's votes but I am most certainly not any part of that discussion. maybe a year from now :)

it's funny how i said in this post something to the effect that i needed to stop ranting before i made myself sick, and then i woke up this morning feeling sick. talk about having my ego put into check.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Just for the record. The one day you and I ran in Salt Lake, I noticed how quick you are. And as a rookie (sort of) you'll be making marks and setting standard in the future. Remember the year I won 5 100s (2007) it still wasn't good enough to take top spot. I would love to see who all are on the "mystery panel". Let's just run, it's easier that way! :-)