Monday, December 22, 2008

Enough With All The Sun Already

We are currently in the midst of the longest stretch of sunny weather since I moved to Juneau almost 2 and a half years ago. I think today was day 11 with nothing but sun! This time of year though there is a price for clear and sunny weather, and that is that it's very cold. Not to mention that this time of year the sun is so low on the horizon that even when it's a perfectly clear day you are lucky if you spend 10 minutes in direct sunlight. Where we live the mountains block us from any direct sunlight from sometime in November until February.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow and I'm more than ready for the change. One problem with all this clear weather is that we really don't have very much snow at all so the skiing just isn't very good yet. I went skiing for about 30 minutes yesterday but other than that I haven't even bothered yet this winter. As much as I love cross country skiing it always takes me a month or so of winter before I'm really into it. I think most people get excited for things from not doing them for a long time, but I tend to be the opposite. I tend to more or less forget how much I enjoy things when I don't do them for awhile, so when I do start doing them again it always takes several times before I really start to enjoy it again. I'm sure a month from now I'll be getting out on my skis 2 or 3 days a week but right now I'm just more excited about my running, even though that's about all I've been doing for the past 5 months.


Anonymous said...

You would have plenty of XC Skiing over the holiday here at home. The winter you dont come home for X-Mas Tug Hill has already got over 185" of snow and after today they will probably be over 200"

If I dont talk to you on X-MAS, Have an awesome holiday, we will miss you.

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