Saturday, October 4, 2008

British Columbia

I'm currently in central British Columbia on my way back to Juneau. This is the worst time of year to be in Juneau but I really need to make some money and get organized for a permanent departure from Juneau which will likely happen sometime in December of January.

Pretty soon here I'm going to begin training more seriously again. Ever since the Wasatch 100 I've mostly been resting, with a small amount of hiking and running. Once I begin building my fitness back up I'm planning to focus on building up my speed more than I have this entire year.

Why speed? Well, the first week of December I'm going to head down to San Francisco to run in the North Face Endurance Challenge, a 50 miler with a $10,000 prize for the winner! I'd like to think that I have the endurance and the strength to give myself a chance to win this race but where I might come up short is in my lack of raw speed in a race where there are likely to be a few people running who have gone under a 2:20 marathon. It'll be a longshot but I must say it'd be pretty sweet to win a race that would earn me as much money as I've earned from my job this year


FixieDave said...

sounds like a plan! Good luck and good vibes!

Anonymous said...

If Uli shows up you might be in for a fight.

Anonymous said...

Uli and Wardian and many others are planning to show up for the moola, but I don't think it matters. I think you've busted chops this year, and you can hang with the leaders. You've trained well, rested well, and raced extremely well. And regarding the money, that's the way the universe works: you haven't made much cash in regular jobs this year because you've been concentrating your energy on training like a madman and doing what you love. And now the money will follow; think of it merely as energy that is coming your way because of the energy you've put out there all year. Best of luck, go get 'em.

Anonymous said...

man, you got that race, you seem to get down with training, you know what you need to do before the race to get ready, plan ahead, taper, get some sleep and lots of nutrition and you can win it big time.

Bryan said...

Hey it was SUNNY in Juneau today Geoff. Beautiful fall day with snow on the peaks dry ground and some actual color!! If only it would stay this way for more than a day. Looking forward to having you back in town. Let me know when your doing a 'slow' day.