Saturday, September 27, 2008

No Bear

Last week I decided I was going to run the Bear 100 this weekend. I entered the race, attended a friend's wedding, and then headed to southern Utah for a few days in the desert before the race. By Tuesday afternoon though I was still feeling pretty crappy from a cold that had begun last Friday (and maybe a bit from drinking too much at the wedding) and decided there really was no point in driving all the way back up to northern Utah to run a race that I was mostly only doing because I had nothing better to do. Especially considering that I ended up having something very enjoyable to do: I ended up backpacking in southern Utah for a couple days with some old friends and some new friends.

It looks like Ty Draney has won the Bear. He's an old friend of a friend of mine here in Utah and through this mutual friend I ended up hanging out with him for part of the day after the Wasatch 100. I was happy to see him win, and regret a bit that I wasn't there to race with him. Congrats Ty.

Now I need to figure out what I'm doing for the next couple weeks/months... a decision I've been putting off ever since The Wasatch 100, but that I really need to make within the next day or two...

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