Friday, January 4, 2008

No More Annoying Stats...

My training log can now be found here. I'll also add a sidebar link soon. This makes more sense than filling up space on every post with boring statistics that most people probably don't care about. This also allows for a lot more detail if anyone is interested in that kind of thing. It breaks down all of my training by activity and calculates pace, 7 day totals, and other random stuff like that. for a few years I've kept track of all these things in a notebook but with this I can eliminate the notebook and the statistics at the top of my blog.

Also, check out the poll I added to the sidebar. I'll try to throw up a new poll every few days and I'll try to make them more exciting than this one.... but I just don't have much time to think about it right now.

I'm going to get some dinner in me now and then head out "The Road" (this is what we call the only road that goes more than 10 miles out of Juneau) for an overnight out by Herbert Glacier. This will be my first time camping with all my Ultrasport gear, my first time using my sled with it's new pole system that I recently finished, and my first time running in any kind of cold with the sock, shoe, overshoe setup that I'm hoping to use in the race. Should be a good test on several different levels. It's supposed to be about 20 here in Juneau tonight which means it should be about 5-10 degrees out where I'm headed. Not super cold but it is the coldest weather we've had to work with in several weeks.


Anonymous said...

Geoff ~ ~ ~ Great plan man! I was wondering when you and Jill were going out to do more camping. Field testing is a necessary evil so you might as well bite the bullet and get out there. Hope everything works as it should (including your soon to be frozen fingers).

Separate statistics page is an excellent idea... and what a web page. Wow. Everything is posted in neat little columns with times and activities. How great is that for you. I'm always amazed at what one can find on the web, including a great tool such as that. Perhaps one day you'll have a web based business of sorts helping people to train(?) You never know.

Anywho ... good luck with the camping, great blog and happy trails. ~ ~ dave

Matt Hart said...

hey geoff i think people would be intersted in your sled. include some photos and descriptions of the gear, sled included that you are running idasport with.

Anonymous said...

Geoff ... sounds like you and Jill had an interesting camping trip. Do we get to hear your side of the story? (and did Jill's sneezing keep you awake all night?)

Anonymous said...