Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick Post From STG

Hike 5 miles

Run 8 miles
Mt. Bike 11 miles

I've made my way back down to St. George after a couple days in Salt Lake. Gosh, I'm sure digging this sun. Tomorrow it's supposed to be close to 80 degrees and sunny and I've got the entire day to spend out biking.

It'll be after my ride tomorrow that things get hectic. I've got a 7am flight out of Vegas on Thursday which will mean leaving St. George at about 3am. And then I'm supposed to be to work 7 minutes after I get back to Juneau. It'll be bad enough flying back into the cold, dark, and rain, but going back to work just as soon as I get home will really be the nail in the coffin on that day. For now though I'm more concerned with tomorrow, which will hopefully include a ride with Dave H., which means I better get to sleep now and eat a big bowl of Wheaties in the morning.

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