Saturday, September 15, 2007

There's Something In The Air

Today: Run 11 miles
Yesterday: Bike Commute 3 miles

Fall is here for certain. It still felt like summer just a few days ago but the past two days have felt, looked, and smelled not like summer anymore, but rather like the midst of autumn. Seasons move quick here in Alaska. I'm trying to decide if I'm glad that fall is here or not. One minute I'm cursing the rain and wind and the next minute I'm elated to have the most popular trail in town all to myself on a Saturday afternoon. And then the wind died down and the sun split through the walls of clouds that had made up the entire day. And at that point I knew that I was happy for the new season to be here.

I spent much of today working on a project of Jill's that she will no doubt be unveiling on her blog very soon. Tomorrow I hope to have more time to work on a project of my own and will post some pictures as soon as my new bike is built. I did discover last night though that I bought the wrong front derailleur. Guess I'll be riding it as a single chainring while I'm waiting for the new derailleur to show up in the mail.

Totals for the week: Bike 22 miles; Run 40 miles; in 9:15 time including time weightlifting

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