Thursday, September 13, 2007

Third Time's a Charm

Bike Commute 3 miles
Run 20 miles

Finally completed Mt. Roberts to Sheep Mountain to Sheep Creek Trail on my third attempt this year. Took off from work around 2:30 and headed up the trail which starts about 2 blocks away. The first 7 miles has about 7,000 feet of total climbing and then you drop back down this amount in about 7 more miles before several flat miles back into town.

I got lucky on the top of Sheep Mountain. Clouds had been building throughout my run and I was thinking that I was going to have to turn back again since I couldn't see ahead of me to see where I had to go. I sat and ate a piece of pizza (roasted red pepper and basil... yum) and almost instantly the clouds broke away and I could see exactly where I needed to go. Only problem was there was another series of clouds moving in. So I busted out from there and tried to cover as much ground as possible while I could still see. As the next wave of clouds began to envelope the mountain I came to a faint trail that I was able to follow until I was low enough to be below the clouds. From there it was just several miles of following trails that I was already familiar with. And the worst part: 4 miles back to town on the road. First time I've run that far on pavement since sometime in April.

Here's some pictures:


Anonymous said...

You're sure giving Jill a run for her money on the photo front. Sounds like a great run. Glad you and mother nature were able to see eye to eye!

Anonymous said...

Hi, These photos are awesome just like Jill's. You also need to find some places in NY that are as remarkable (or at least on the East coast). Miss you.

Love, Mom

Olga said...

Wow, I loved the ridge picture!

Anonymous said...

Geoff, excellant photos. Thanks for sharing. Wish it looked half as beautiful around these parts! Perhaps we'll have a nice midwest Fall with lots-o-colors to make up for our lack of elevation.
Happy trails.

D said...

Spectacular sprint/scamper - silver sea, sapphire sky, sparse slope, sylvan slope, & salmon stream - stunning shots!

WynnMan said...

Great pictures Geoff, sounds like you're getting ready to gear up for the big winter race. Thanks for the offer as well, that's great.

Ahhh there are so many great, tough, gnarly races to choose from here in the northwoods. Depends on what you're looking for.... Bike, run,? 50mile, 100mile, 135mile, 150mile?

We've got gnarly running races at all of those distances. However I have 2-3 that standout in my mind as the most challenging, scenic, and "epicness". Let me know what you're thinking as far as Bike, run, and distance, and then I can lead you to the best options.

later man!

Anonymous said...

You are lucky you live in a wonderful place for running and biking. Your photos are great.
Regards from Spain.

Anonymous said...