Monday, July 2, 2007

Photo Shoot

Mt. Bike 15 miles

Got out for a great ride after dinner tonight. First ride since last weeks race (other than the daily commute). I felt ok, but definitely don't have much power when I need it. That said I was able to ride an entire section of trail that I've never ridden before. I think this had more to do with the dry conditions than my riding skills, although I feel like I am finally becoming a little more comfortable with the mud, roots, and wet rocks of Juneau. Got some great photos tonight. Hope you enjoy:


WynnMan said...

great pictures Geoff!

here are some links to great races that may spark your interest down the road. Let me know if these ever make your schedule as I can pick you up, free room/board etc.. These races are close to me, especially Afton Alps. In fact I'm about ready to paddle over there right now! here are the links

The fat tire is like trying to get into Pikes Peak marathon, but it's one awesome ride from what I hear. I always go to watch the start. Greg Lemond was the invited racer last year, got smoked though.

later wynn

WynnMan said...

Hey Geoff! yeah the 24hrs of AFTON is awesome from what I have heard. It traverses pure gnarly swtichback singletrack along the skil alps. It's hardcore. I just got back from running it right now. It's great because they have arrows marked and funny signs that represent certain area or where people did not turn sharply enough and went into the woods. My favorite sections are "meat grinder" and "man-handler hill". The course is also good because they utilize the ski chalets down below and you can set up camp for supplies if need be. I live right across the river from it. You're right, also my style, hardcore, low key, challenging as hell, and great course, low entry. Far better than Fat tire race, which I think is "only" 40 miles, but there is an ass load of people, so if you get stuck in the middle or back, you're screwed. It gets all they hype because it utilizes the Birkie trail and the chequamegon forest which I guess is one of the nicest places to Mtn. Bike. I would go for the Afton, much more hardcore and better bang for your buck.

yep just let me know and I can easily accomodate ya.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pics, Geoff. Glad to hear you're back to biking and running again after your much needed recovery. Have a great 4th.

Dave said...


My in-laws will be on one of those boats in a few days, trying to run into you on the sidwalk.

Watch out for the big lawyer from Iowa...

Jill Homer said...

I do love the sight of blue exhaust in the evening.