Sunday, July 1, 2007

Montana Creek Trail

Run 20 miles

Got out on a new trail today. It's always nice to run or bike in some new territory. But then I'm always more afraid of bears when I'm running somewhere that I haven't been before. I often hold this illusion that if I'm running on a trail I've run on before without seeing a bear then I'm not going to see a bear this time either. This of course couldn't be any further from the truth but it helps me relax and not feel like every noise or movement in the woods is a bear jumping out at me. I wasn't thinking much about bears for most of the run today but then at about mile 8 I began seeing steady piles of bear scat. Must have seen a dozen piles in a two mile stretch! The good thing is that in this same stretch I passed two different groups of people who were trying to bike on this trail. I can't imagine why someone would try to bike on this trail. But at least with all their complaining and struggling to carry their bikes over roots, logs, mud, rocks, and planks that are just not made for biking they had pretty much scared off every bear within miles of the trail.... or so it seemed.

I felt pretty good running today but for some reason ever since my race last weekend my calf muscles on both legs have been very tight and stiff after I run 5 or 6 miles. The same thing happened today but I continued on for 20 miles total and now tonight they're really tight. I'll probably take the day off tomorrow and then a light run on Tuesday and then hopefully be ready for another pretty long one on Wednesday since I have the day off from work for the holiday.