Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tough Day on The GDR

Today was one more recovery day for me. I did ride my bike 3 miles to work and back and surprisingly my butt, knees, and muscles all felt ok with that. I decided though to give it one more day off before jumping into my last stretch of training for The Crow Pass Crossing which is now only a little over 3 weeks away.

Pete Basinger and Dave Nice both dropped out of the Great Divide Race today. These were the two riders I rode the White Rim Trail with last month and also the two riders I was rooting for most in this event and I actually feel kind of depressed that they are out. Ok, so I admit I have a problem with getting too involved in following the GDR online, but I know I'm not the only one. I'm still really excited to see how the race plays out, but it's just not as exciting for me without Pete and Dave still out there. Jay Petervary is still on pace to break the route record and should be finishing sometime this weekend! Good luck Jay. Keep it rollin'.


Chris said...

It was a hard read last night. I hope Dave is doing okay. JayP is flyin though.

Good job on the 24 solo BTW. You rocked!

WynnMan said...

Way to go Geoff!! superb performance and smart racing! Biking is definitely another strong suit for you. Keep on hammerin' and a CR to boot! stellar! great reportage~