Monday, June 4, 2007

Melting Fast

Bike 3 miles (commute)
Run 7 miles

The snow's melting fast that is.

Juneau has so many great trails and now they are finally coming into bloom. Each day there is less and less snow. Pretty soon I will be able to get up on some of the ridges. Can't wait for that. I love running in the snow, but it's now June. It's time for a few months of mud rather than snow.

I'm hoping to run in a 14 mile trail race this Saturday. A week ago I thought there would be no way the snow would be melted enough for the race to take place but now I'm thinking it just might be able to happen. I don't plan to put 100% effort into this race but it will be really nice to line up with other runners and push myself hard for awhile. Once the race starts I'm sure I'll run it pretty much as hard as I can, but I wouldn't call it a 100% effort because I have no plans of doing anything specific to prepare for this race. That is, I'll be training right through this race as though it were a hard workout instead of a race.


WynnMan said...

Hey Geoff! say what do you know about the Resurrection course? is that near Fairbanks or something? I've always been interested in maybe doing the 50mile, as I loved my visit to alaska last summer. The website is kind of raw and wishing they would update it, just wondering if you knew any info.
you'll kick major kahonies on that course.


Geoff said...

hey wynn,
resurrection pass is on the kenai peninsula (south of Anchorage). I've hiked and biked the entire route and it's really a beautiful trail. the 50 mile is a point to point race with no backtracking or looping with 38 of the miles on singletrack. as far as specific race info. there isn't much out there. I have an email address and a phone number for the race director and have been meaning to give him a call for more details but haven't gotten around to that yet. i sense that the race is on the down low because it's not an official "race" (issues with the forest service I suspect). but this is all just my speculation because they don't charge an entry fee and since there's no updated info. anywhere on the web.

anyway, you should come up this summer and run it. between the two of us i bet we could push each other to a pretty good pace.