Friday, May 18, 2007

Coming Around Slowly

Bike 3 miles (commute)
Run 9 miles

Nice mellow recovery run after work today. Got out and enjoyed a beautiful day on the Perseverance Trail. Last two miles on snow. I keep thinking that I'm doing my last run on snow and then almost everyday I seem to find sections of trails that are still snowed in. I'm sure I'll start to miss the snow a couple days after it's gone but for now I just wish there was somewhere to get out for more than 3 or 4 miles without running into snow pack.

Planning to head out for a long bike ride tomorrow. The forecast is for more sun and temps near 60! Should be a great day for a ride.

My training plan for at least the next 4 weeks will consist of 8 day cycles in which I have 4 hard days and 4 recovery day. The hard days will be one each of: Speed Run, Distance Run, Hill Run, and Distance Bike. The recovery days will be runs of 7-10 miles or bike rides of 20-40 miles - or some combination of the two not generally exceeding 2.5 hours. There's not really any method to this workout plan, just something I thought up while running today. Would love to hear people's opinions on this plan. I'm sure this plan has flaws so I'd appreciate any advice that might make it more effective.