Saturday, March 31, 2007

Four Hours

Run 8 miles
Road Bike 37.5 miles

Got in a great day of soaking up the sun today. This was one of the nicest weather days we've had in Juneau since sometime in October: 40 degrees, bright sunny skies, and only moderate winds.

Headed out in the morning on the Dan Moeller Trail which starts about 1/8 mile from our door. The trail is still covered in several feet of snow but it's mostly relatively firm since we haven't had any new snow in over a week. There were some existing postholes which were a bit difficult to negotiate and once I got to the portion of the trail that allows snowmobiles it was pretty torn up and soft, but I was able to make it to the top of the trail in 46 minutes. I know this sounds slow for 4 miles, but considering that I gained almost 2,000 feet and was running on torn up snow I was pushing a decent pace. I have made it to the top in under 40 minutes but the snow was just too soft today to do it much faster than I did. Coming down on the other hand, well that's sure a lot faster... only took 26 minutes!

After lunch I was itching to get back out in the sun so I hit the roads on my bike. I was hoping to finish my ride off with a climb up to Eaglecrest (our local ski resort), but I was only able to get about 1.5 miles up before I began hitting icy patches of pavement. I wanted no part of trying to ride back down this so I turned back and headed for home. Put in over 37 miles on the bike and ended up out for almost 4 hours between the run and the ride. Aside from my butt still trying to get used to my recently increased biking I felt pretty strong today. It was another encouraging run as far as my knee, foot, or ankle pains are concerned. My feet were a little achy by the end of the run, but nothing even close to what I was experiencing last month.

Good all around week of cross training: 28 miles of running; 36 miles of skiing; 88 miles of biking; and about 15 hours of time... right where I want to be at this point.

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Cool, this is interesting. If I ever get off my couch feel like running I'll refer back for some tips. Post more pictures1