Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Know You've Made It As An Athlete When...

... You get drug tested.

Apparently when the UTMB said they were going to do random drug testing they meant random drug testing of top runners. Not sure how that qualifies as random. Nonetheless I guess it's a good thing. I'd like to think that it's overkill and there's no need for the testing, but maybe I'm being naive.

On a lighter note: It's weird being in such a novel and majestic place, but feeling so alone at times. My time thus far in Chamonix has felt like a strange dream. When I first got here yesterday I was so tired and hungry that I couldn't think straight. I grabbed some lunch and then went to my hotel room and fell asleep while writing an email to my girlfriend. I didn't wake up for 6 hours. I stumbled out into the streets of this foreign town and found myself some dinner. After dinner I returned to my room and fell asleep for 6 more hours.

When I awoke today I felt like I stepped out into a completely different world than yesterday. Today the sun was shining bright and the mountains hung over the town like nothing I have ever seen before. Unless you have been somewhere that has an 11,000 foot difference between the valley floor and the top of the mountains that loom above it's just hard to imagine. In Juneau the mountains rise straight up from the coast, but those mountains top out between 3,500-5,000 feet. Here the mountains rise up just as steep but they go up over 14,000 feet (the valley floor is at about 3,500)!

Anyhow, after drinking some coffee (strong coffee... yum) and eating a huge breakfast I met up with Karl to run the last 10 miles of the course. Fairly uneventful run. We climbed about 2,500 ft. and dropped about 3,500 back down to Chamonix. The section of trail we saw today was really nice to run on. Much more smooth than I expected. These trails have mostly been around for a very long time so to say that they are well worn in is most certainly an understatement.

And so I am checked in for the race. Drug tested negative. And now I just need to wait two days before we start. My hope now is to be able to sleep about 20 of the next 45 hours. And when I'm not asleep I'll be eating or laying around resting.


  1. Good luck Geoff... we will be following your progress from NY. Can't wait to see you next week!
    Have fun!

  2. Well at least it clears up the whole drug cheat question I have had on my mind about you the last few years.

    Have fun and tie those Masochist shoes super tight because the shoelaces will come undone.

    Go USA!

  3. Glad to hear that you made it ok to Europe - you were going to send us your phone # at the hotel - please do.. we will be waiting for the race to start and will be very excited to follow it on line. Can't wait to see you on Monday - we love you - good luck and happy running!!!

  4. Bonne chance Geoff...

    And remember the cyclists' axiom:
    Never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never stay awake when you can sleep!

  5. Geoff to the best of your knowledge is there anywhere where we can get race updates live?

  6. I think they should re-test you. I'm convinced you are actually human but your recent performances suggest otherwise.

  7. Clearly, those tests over there in France are really messed up:)

    Good luck, my friend. Go get 'em.


  8. Sounds like a cool place.
    Have a great run this weekend!

  9. Good luck Geoff! Can't wait to follow the action. It sounds like irunfar will have coverage and NorthFace also claims to have pretty extensive coverage. We'll see.

  10. Welcome to Europe and Chamonix Geoff. I'm sure you're going to have a great race and I'm looking forward to seeing how it shapes up between you and Kilian. It will be interestig to read your comments after the race on the differences between European and US trail racing. I personally think that they are very different with the US courses being flatter and faster while the European courses have much steeper climbs and descents, which may take some getting used to.
    The best site to follow Geoff on is the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc site - it is in French but is easy to navigate

    There is a button on the home page with "LIVE" written on it, enter this page and follow instructions for UTMB race and enter Geoff's name. You can see his last timed location, present race classification, next estimated check point. there are a lot of check points so you can get regular updates - updates are about 20' later than real time events.
    I will be contemporarily competing in the TDS race so will not know anything till I get to Chamonix.
    Best of luck Geoff.

  11. Good Luck Geoff! Enjoy the adventure. If you're in awe by the surroundings I can't begin to imagine the area that you are in.

    It sounds like your kind of terrain. So the US has this reputation of ultras being flater than over there, which is probably the case in most circumstances; however that is a reputation of the US races, not of you as a runner. Sure most of the races in the US are fast and fairly flat, but not the ones that you excel at.

    Anyway, best of luck, cant wait to see you in a few days! Run Your race, just like at Western States... and enjoy!


  12. Go for it Geoff!
    Go and have fun out in these hills. Will be rooting for you from many hours back!

  13. First, go out and kick ass like you always do.
    Second, how funny is it that the Google Ad that always pops up on your blog says "Anton Krupicka - Film."

  14. Good luck Geoff and Karl! We all look forward to the race report and checking out the online reports during the race.

  15. Best of luck! Can't wait to hear about the race!!!

  16. Go get it Geoff !! The Hurt crew and Hawaii,s watching.