Friday, August 27, 2010

But Not Quite...

Wow. This is going to take awhile to sink in. 3 hours (about 20 miles) into UTMB and the race was canceled due to severe weather. I was running smooth and feeling great, right where I wanted to be about 5 minutes behind the leaders. We didn't have any bad weather where we were but apparently in the higher areas up ahead there was heavy rain, wind, and fog.

I guess the plan now is to go run a marathon in Italy on Sunday. Not any old marathon though, but rather the sky running marathon world championship race. A race that has about 13,000 ft. of climbing over 26 miles! A marathon that will take the winners 5+ hours! Should be a blast.


  1. Wow!!! Huge disappointment, for runners and fans alike.

    I guess this Italy race becomes quite the consolation.

    Scott just curious, how far up we're you able to line up for the start?
    And how early did you have to lineup for it?

  2. Today's disappointment is tomorrow's opportunity. Good luck, Geoff - if anyone can handle a last minute change, we would put our money on you!

  3. Well now that you're all warmed up, here's to ripping the other race! Good luck.

  4. Good luck with with whatever ends up happening over the weekend. Sounds kinda nuts! We'll be following along as closely as we can. It's great to have the updates! And guess what, it's actually kinda nice in Juneau!

  5. A quick update. I just spoke with Geoff a few minutes ago. There may be a resumption of UTMB in which case Geoff will likely run it instead of the marathon in Italy. I'm sure he's sleeping for a bit and is unlikely to get on the computer in the morning... so just know that he *might* be racing around Mont Blanc again in a few hours.

  6. Go, Geoff. I was following and your "shadowing" of the leaders looked ideal. Bummer that didn't get played-out.

    Good luck racing where ever that may be!