Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I really like when I take a fall when I'm running. It doesn't happen very often but as long as I don't hurt myself I really like the feeling I get from the transition of being on my feet to suddenly being on the ground. It reminds me how vulnerable I am when running along a trail with roots, rocks, mud, ice, and snow. I almost always pop back up before I even realize I have fallen, and I usually feel a lot better than I did before I fell. I guess part of it is from a rush of adrenaline, but I also think a lot of it is from being reminded of my vulnerability out on a technical trail. There is something exhilarating and uplifting in that. There is something empowering in feeling so vulnerable and bouncing up from it without injury.

Does anyone else like when they fall during a run? Or am I just crazy?


  1. Yep...you're crazy.

    I guess I've had a couple of pretty nasty falls... with breaking my ankle once and a really deep knee wound another time, so I don't share the same enjoyment.

    I do still love the feeling of getting out on technical trails daily though and proving to the surgeon who tried to talk me into pins and plates for my ankle that yes, I can still run and race trails without his help:)

  2. I hear you on a lot of things, but nope, not a fan of falling. I've never hurt myself badly like Derrick has (I was there to see his leg break, ouch), but usually twinge a hamstring, or hurt a hand, something like that. I usually growl at myself for getting careless.

    Coming down a rock-strewn mountain is when I most fear falling, but I suppose you get more used to it if you do it all the time.

    Having said all that, I agree that falling in snow is sometimes fun.

  3. Go run the AT from Maine to about Central Virginia. I averaged about 4 crashes per day...yah, it was entertaining! Only a few times did I land on my head. I should have worn a helmet in Maine and NH. Crashing is part of the deal.

  4. yeah, i was kind of thinking after i wrote this that i would feel much diferently if i had ever injured myself in one of these falls. now i've probably set myself up for disaster. gotta find me some wood to knock on, and hopefully not my head knocking on roots on a trail.

  5. Knock that wood and stay safe. :) It really hit us about how vulnerable you can potentially be out there if you get into trouble. We were lucky that we were together and relatively close to houses when Derrick broke himself.

  6. Hahaha! You're a riot. I wouldn't say I "like" falling (I've taken a couple of bad spills and needed stitches); however, I am always genuinely amazed at how tough my hands and knees are and how quickly they heal up. Plus it reminds us foot-shufflers to pick it up a bit!

  7. Geoff,

    Not a fan of falling, and I hope that both of us have as few falls in the future as is heavenly possible.

    So far, I guess, you have been able to get back up after a fall without having suffered too many consequences.

    As you alluded to, in your second thought comment, once you rip the heels of your palms open on some otherwise innocent rocks on the trail, or nail a knee so bad that the pace of your run drops off about 3-4 minutes a mile, or worse, falling may cease to hold the same allure.

    I know it's part of the deal, as Karl says, but God I hope I never fall again! :)

    Falling? No thank you. Not fun.

  8. My best advice for a fall is to do it in the beginning of a race so you can bounce right back up. Fortunately, I've not hurt myself too badly in the falls I've taken. I've noticed that tripping in the last miles (due to fatigue & not picking up my feet) can create one full body cramp since it's normal for the body to tense up and brace for a fall. I agree that falling can provide adrenaline rush, but I'm not so sure that's the kind I want:-)

  9. i agree that falling is good. i'd rather fall often than not at all as i think one gets injured when one doesn't 'know' how to fall. in my experience that knowledge only comes from falling. playing competitive soccer and sk8boarding is what has taught me to fall correctly. it is a rush...maybe from the blood loss...

  10. @worm,

    I then wish you many falls in the future!

    Have at it!

  11. Just kiddin', worm, in case you took me seriously.

    I don't even wish you many falls in the future, although no one can avoid them.

    You make a good point about falling being about the only way one can learn how to do it without getting injured.

    I still pray to God I never fall again. That's one particular rush I do not need or look forward to.

  12. I also look forward to falling. Usually it's a good indicator of how hard I am going on the gnarly stuff. I probably owe that attitude to the fact that I have never gotten injured. eagerly looking forward to your epic showdown at MM.

  13. falling on pine needles is fun. falling on rocks can really suck. three broken fingers, one broken metacarpal and one hand surgery later, I prefer to stay upright.