Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wasatch Links

Wasatch begins in 14 hours (5:00 am mst).

Here are the relevant links for those interested in following:
Official Race Website
Race Website Runner Tracker
Dan's (my support crew) Twitter page
My Twitter page which Dan may update during race
Matt Hart's Twitter page which I assume he'll be updating throughout race



  1. All the best Geoff. Have a great race!

  2. go Geoff! I'll be watching the race from the webz.

  3. all the best, Geoff!! We'll be following along on the web....
    fast thoughts...

  4. Geoff is flying! 25 minutes ahead of CR pace at Scott's.

    Geoff, you are throwing down the performance of the year right now.


  5. Geoff, you are doing great!! It is so exciting watching your progress - we are waiting to hear from you at the end!!! Go get em.

  6. looks like Geoff was trying to finish fast enough so you wouldn't have to wait up Sharon!

    AMAZING RACE GEOFF!!! you really don't know how to just 'set' course records do you?! you destroy them!!!

  7. Congratulations, Geoff! My jaw dropped open when I checked the Web tonight I you had already been done for more than two hours. I can't even comprehend it, but I'm guessing few can.

  8. OMG! You are "THE MAN". Awesome......

  9. OMG!!!! You are awesome - I was checking all evening and when you called at 2:30 a.m. it was just great to talk to you. You ran a great race and continue to amaze all of us. You need to find some special race on the east coast so we can all be there to appreciate all the skill that you really have.


  10. I second the idea of you doing a closer race to family. We'd love to come root for you ;)

  11. BIG Congratulations on your fantastic win, Geoff. You crushed it. Must be those Montrail shoes, eh?
    Seriously - good job!

  12. Congratulations Geoff, another unbelievable performance. Can't tell you how impressed we are. Unreal. Enjoy it!

  13. You are inspiring! Here is a clip from the Swallow Rocks aid station.

    Swallow Rocks Aid Station

  14. Killer run. One of the ultra performances of the year, without a doubt.