Sunday, February 1, 2009

It Must Be A New Week

After a week to forget today was a much better day. As many of you pointed out in comments I am #14 on The Hardrock wait list. That's not as good as being drawn into the race but I'd have to think that being at #14 on the list I will have the opportunity to do the race if I'm willing to keep that open as an option for a few months. That's good news. I'm still not sure if I really want to try to fit Hardrock in to my race schedule this summer and this essentially gives me some time to decide and see how other things fall into place - namely whether I qualify for Western States or not. I've been toying with the idea of running both Western States and Hardrock (provided that I actually get myself into both of them), but I've still got to decide whether that's really a logical option or not.

The other positive part of my day today was that my calf is feeling almost 100% healed. I skied about 75 minutes this morning and felt no pain at all. Then tonight I went to the gym and lifted weights, rode the bike, and ran one slow mile on the treadmill. I could feel a bit of pain while I was running but this time, unlike the last time I tried running on Friday, it loosened up and felt better as I kept going. I saw no reason to push it beyond just one slow easy mile, but by the end of that mile it felt very loose and almost entirely pain free. I should take one more day off from running and try getting back at it on Tuesday but we'll see if I can actually keep myself from giving a few miles a try tomorrow morning.


  1. Do both, Please, do both. Because you can. You did RP and WF 4 weeks apart. If you don't come, who are we going to bet on to come close to Kyle's record? :) At the same time, I'd really like you to stuck up against the big boys in Squaw Valley in June. This will be so much fun this year. Who runs whom in to the ground, and by how much the record will fall - because it better fall! Good luck. Don't listen to us. Decide what suits you best.

  2. I hope both you and Andy get in as well to HR, cause once again there is little comp at that race.

  3. You are more of an experienced runner but, I suffered calf injury. The one other thing I did was compression while running, that helped while still doing a 100mile week. just an idea.