Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not Bottomed Out Yet

I kind of thought that I would be able to make the transition to running more smoothly than it appears I am going to be able to. I've run about almost 30 miles since I've been back in Juneau but it just hasn't felt good at all. I do feel some progress in my muscles getting use to being used for running again, but my overall strength is still way down. I can go out and trudge through 5 or 6 miles easy enough but it doesn't feel very good and I couldn't possibly run fast right now. It's just not there yet.

This means that running Crow Pass as a race is almost certainly not going to happen. I'd like to still go up to Anchorage and run it as a training run but I'm not even sure my body is going to allow for that. My main focus now needs to be on eating and sleeping well to give my body every possible chance to recovery as soon as possible so as to try to get myself as much serious training between now and The Wasatch 100 0n September 6th. Suddenly September seems so near on the horizon.


  1. Hey Geoff,

    Congrats on your effort in the GDR. Pretty impressive considering you haven't done much biking! Everyone in Anchorage was following along with you.

    I saw your comment about Crow Pass on my blog and wasn't sure how to get in touch with you. I've decided to wait till next year to do Crow Pass. I've decided to focus on the Lost Lake Run this year.

    But if you guys are going to be in Anchorage that weekend you are welcome to stay in our extra bedroom. Let me know.


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