Monday, January 14, 2008

60 Mile Weekend

I've always felt that how quickly I recover from hard workouts is the best indicator of what kind of shape I'm in.

I ran 30 miles on Saturday. It was a pretty good run. I had a stretch in the middle (from about mile 13-20) in which I felt pretty horrible but before and after that I felt pretty good.

I then got up at 7:00 on Sunday to go out for 20 miles. I was pretty tired by the end of that... but mostly just hungry. I came home and rested for 4 hours, eating about 2,000 calories in that time. At 2 pm I headed back out for 10 miles as well as some time at the gym. The amazing thing was that I felt great in this afternoon session. Almost no fatigue and my legs felt very fresh and quick. After that I went to work (on my feet) for 5 hours and still didn't feel tired out much at all when I got home at 10:30 pm.

I had run 60 miles in 28 hours and felt 100% recovered before going to bed. This morning I feel great. No fatigue. No soreness. I basically feel like I took a couple days off.

Apparently my body has learned to recover from 4+ hours of running with just a few hours of resting, hydrating, and eating. It's a good feeling to be 6 weeks away from the toughest physical challenge of my life and know that I am in the best shape I have ever been in.


  1. Wow Geoff, that's great. I did fifty miles on my bike this weekend and feel zonked, and here you freekin RAN 60 miles. Yowza. It's all coming together for the race so just stay healthy and enjoy the bliss of this confident moment in your training. You will go far Grasshopper.

  2. you are going to rock that snow race man!

  3. After the iditarod race, I think you'll be ready for this one...

  4. Sounds awesome, just don't get too crazy. Big training fatigues the body - anyone's body. Sometimes there's a big disconnect between perception and reality and I like to call that crack and it sounds like yours is over the charts right now ;) When I hit that place I've learned to be very cautious cause I can overdo it without realizing it....

  5. That's awesome that your feeling so good! I can't wait to hear all about how the race goes for you and Jill! You guys rock and totally inspire me to keep at my measly miles!

    Take Care