Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More Pictures Coming Soon

Run 10 miles
Bike 10 miles

Run 10 miles
Bike 18 miles

Bike Commute 3 miles

Here's a picture of my new camera that my Mom got me for Christmas:

It really is as small as it looks, and weighs about as much as they key in the picture. With a 2gb memory card it will take almost one hour of video and store about 2 billion pictures.

Here's my first picture with my new camera:

Taken on the snowy trail above my house that I was running on this morning. It's not the greatest quality photo but this camera is so small I will pretty much be able to take it on every outing I go on... if i actually remember.


  1. Hey Geoff ~~~ Fun to hear your interview on NPR! You and Jill are getting famous! Might they do more interviews in the future? I hope so because they've only just scratched the surface regarding your race preparations. Let us know if they call you up again.

    That camera is darn tiny. Image resolution seems to be rather good, but the color is slightly magenta. I was able to fix the color cast problem in my photo editing software (Photoshop) so it IS fixable and most photo editing software should be savvy enough to alow for color cast correction with a click or two.

    But again, the resolution is good for such a tiny little spy camera such as that one. Its small size guarantees that you'll have it handy to click as many photos as you can of the event.

    Speaking of which, good luck with your training. Sounds like everything is going well for you despite the increased miles. That's good news.

    Take care ~ ~ ~ dave