Friday, August 31, 2007

Heading East

Leaving tomorrow morning to head out to see my family in Ontario / Northern New York. I've got a 15 hour layover in Seattle... that should be fun. OK, maybe not, but I am going to try to get out for a run while I'm there so it might not be so bad.

The extended forecast looks great for Northern New York. It will be nice to go somewhere sunny. And to not work for 10 days. But it will also be nice to get back to Juneau and start in to my training for next year. In a weird kind of way I'm excited for the dark, cool, damp weather that is taking over Juneau for the next several months. It's actually been a couple months since I've been out running or biking in the dark but that's all going to change in a couple weeks.

Also best luck to all of those with big races in the next two weekends: Pete B., Lynda W., Danielle M., Matt H., Wynn D., and my best friend, Bryan L. who's doing the first ultra endurance race of his life next weekend.


  1. Geoff, my great friend Nycole Littleboy forwarded your blog site to me. Man, I am soo impressed with you... keep "Living Life" Brother. You are a major inspiration.

  2. Hey, what's up in NY? Don't see any races in NE for you...have a great time!

  3. olga, nope, no races or anything up in the NE. just getting away on a bit of a vacation.