Sunday, June 3, 2007

11 Hour Weekend

Mt. Bike 15 miles
Run 20 miles

Got in another nice long day today. An hour of biking and 3 hours of running. 11 hours for the past two days. Pretty insignificant compared to those out riding The Grand Loop this weekend but a good long weekend of training nonetheless. The weather was great today and I got all the way out to the end of the Bishop Point trail


  1. excellent photos! and great report. You're completely right. I needed a race like that to figure out proper spacing. I know that two races of that distance spaced that close is not ideal. I would have been fine if I just "ran" iceage and raced Kettle. Ideally next year I will race IceAge 50km and race Kettle 100k and break the tape at both.

    What races are you keying on this year?


  2. wynn, there's little doubt that with your drive and your ability you will be breaking the tape in many races to come. my key races this year will be 24 hours of light (bike), crow pass crossing, and resurrection pass 50. wish i had more lined up but living where i do there just aren't many more options.